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Underpinning includes a series of procedures according to the
nature of the damage or renovation necessary.

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Best Underpinning

While constructing or renovating buildings and structures, the foundation needs to be strong enough to hold the structure solidly. Underpinning is the actual process of strengthening these foundations resulting in better stability and durability to these structures.


Just as the paint on your house needs redoing after 10 years so too does your house footings require
maintenance. The number of years you can wait before you are forced into rectification repairs is dependent
upon the quality of the original footings and the effects of water over the years on your footings.


So if your house is cracking up, sliding down a hill, needing a new upper floor foundation or a basement
you can contact best underpinning for a quote or you can send along your engineering plans for pricing.As
there is a lot of information you may choose to digest read our other subject specific pages addressing
your interest.


Fixed price lump sump contracts are usual. Progress payments according to works complete agreed on Job
Time Line is agreed upon. Contractor insurances provided. Critical stage Inspections performed to ensure
work complies with acceptable tolerances
Certification of works is provided if required with Guarantee


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No Accidents
We do what we Say
We aim for the Best Results Possible with Budget Available
We Deliver completed works on Time.

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