Basement Renovations and Creations

As land values increase so too does the viability of basement creation of space for storage, car parking and granny flatting. Some people are adding on a whole new strata titled unit under.

Below ground building has it’s own set of issues such as light, moisture control etc which does not make for a cheap build however as land supply pressures continue the basement build cost can become very affordable and convenient.


Excavated for new Lower ground floor
Excavated for new Lower ground floor. See contiguous piering with capping beam completed before excavation.
Blade Pile Installation
Basement walls constructed with plastic “Redi Wall”. Great for new living space. Slab poured before or after.
Using blade piles to underpin existing
footings of a sinking house where water table
is one meter below the surface. Piles are to rock at 6m
Excavating for pile cap heads
Excavating down and under footings for pile cap heads to underpin existing footing.


Concrete piers with liners
Underpinning external wall in sand and using liners for concrete form work.


Reno's at the beach
Renovations opposite Bulli surf club. New piered slab required.


Underpin neighbours wall
Commercial underpinning of neighbour’s  8m shop wall.


Contiguous piling
Contiguous piles to boundary before dig out for extended basement at Balmain.


Basement Slab Reo
Excavation finished, capping beam on, basement slab ready to pour with all drainage in.


Best Underpinning can provide all the necessary skills to get your down under renovations and creations done.

More Renovation pictures see Gallery.