House Restumping

House Restumping

Services Offered:

  • Structural steel beam insertion
  • Brick, block, metal and concrete new piers
  • Bracing
  • Onsite welding
  • House floor re-leveling pack as necessary
  • House raise & hold
  • Sub Floor Health Upgrade
  • Excavations under the house floor

Efficient professional services striving to complete all house re-leveling and re-stumping projects with as little disturbance to your daily life as possible. Professionals in house re-stumping and re-leveling, performed by “best underpinning”.

We get rid of uneven floors, bouncy floors, cracking walls, slitting cornices architraves and skirtings

 Level Pier Beam House

Floor Leveling Needed after Pier replacement

                  Unhealthy Sub Floor

Air tight sub floor

Tidy Sub Floor vermin and fungi unfriendly