House Lifting

House standing on cribbing
Supporting house on cribbing…..slab….screw piles


House Lifting

House lifting or raising is the process of lifting a house to a higher level then it presently is. Generally new foundations are installed or existing one’s extended to the new level.


The common driving reasons for house lifting are:


  • The creation of new basement space for cars, bedrooms, granny flats etc without increasing the house block footprint.
  • Moving the house above the flood line so insurance for one’s asset can be bought or be afforded.
  • If sub-floor structural stability has degenerated to a point where extensive repairs are required it can be more economic to raise the house floor to avoid the high cost of confined work labour fixing piers, services and floor joists.

Cost of House Lifting


This will vary significantly depending on house footprint, ancillary structures, site access, condition of existing floor, number of services to be disconnected, protection required of delicate items such as bath tiling, marble kitchen tops etc.

The average cost for a typical 120 square meter house we have found to be $25,000.  Which is pretty affordable when one considers renovation costs, say first floor addition where the existing footings would have to be strengthened firstly.



House on metal piers
Quick Install of piers on concrete pad footings