House Repairs

What to look for under and around your house that would indicate correction works need to be carried out now to stave off more costly future underpinning repairs for your property. If subsidence is an issue then floor levels will be an issue and so will underpinning costs. These sub-floor issues will at a later date start showing up in the walls with splits and cracks. Sub-Floor Maintenance will save on underpinning and re-stumping costs
If you have any concerns call in an underpinning expert to inspect your sub-floor.



Soil Problems Cause House Problems

Clay soils drying out causing shrinkage for your house to settle down. Typically dry weather and tree roots

Clay soils getting wet causing expansion inducing heave

Sandy soils getting washed out from surface and ground flows

Poorly compacted soils settling over time

House built on differing soil layers which have variable bearing capacity

Soil variables

Soil type.     sand/silt/clay

Moisture content

Compaction.   How loose are the particles.  Typically surface layers are loose/deeper layers more compact/deeper layers good bearing capacity/then rock usually.