7 Tips to Reduce Water Damage and Foundation Repair Cost in Sydney

December 15, 2020 / 0 Comments / by admin


Water damage can prove fatal to your property, forcing you to spend plenty in foundation repairs. There are various techniques to protect you and your family from costly water damage. Here are 7 easy ways to keep your home clean and stable.


Always keep the hoses disconnected 


Water in a hose can freeze into the pipe and create an ice block that prevents water flow. It could burst your pipes and destroy your house’s floors, walls and foundations in the worst scenarios.


Maintain clean gutter 


You must have your gutters swept at least twice a year to avoid blockages and ice jams. Choked water can destroy not only the gutters, but also the roof, and unmanageable floods can produce puddles that could target the foundation of your building. Bear in mind that downspouts are often washed to ensure the water can pass through and make downspouts with the intention of pointing away from the building.


Trim the trees and plants around your house regularly 


Growing plants will look spectacular and stunning in your backyard. However when their deep roots wrap around the underlying pipes and damage them, they don’t appear so fine anymore. Which is why cutting down excess shrubs close to pipes or other gadgets is important, expelling trees and bushes that have turned out to be too big, if possible.


Keep your water main in check 


Keep aware of the precise location of your water main, and quit if you leave your house for a long period of time. There is a good probability that if no water reaches your building, chances are no dribbles or faucet drips will cause harm to your home when you are away. A good foundation repair specialist in Sydney will help you locate your water main’s exact location.


Carefully Monitor your appliances


You need to periodically inspect and maintain all the equipment in your home for any leaks. You should follow the instructions of the manufacturer that are printed on these devices. These manuals will allow you to know whether or not the appliances are performing as expected.


Immediately Inspect Leaks And Repair them


If you overlook or do not make any repairs to damage caused by excess moisture, then be ready to experience mould, mildew, or even excessive foundation repair cost due to deep structural damage. Bear in mind that your home insurance only offers scope for sudden and unplanned harm. Any damage that is incurred by the lack of maintenance on a regular home insurance policy is not guaranteed.


Maintaining the washing machine hoses


One of the most common causes for water damage in homes is old, weak or cracked washing machine hoses. To keep away from confusion and expensive destruction, foundation repair cost, fix or replace them on a regular basis.


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